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30th show!! 2
90 year old saves 67 year old wife from a fire 2
Am I losing my mind or am I pumping it up for the show 2
Attempted home invasion 2
Batman vs. Superman and Star wars trailers 2
Cespedes and the Mets 2
Cosby and his criminal fetishes 2
Dave Dombrowski fired 2
Donald Trump 2
Donald Trump and Megan Kelly 2
Fat Chris Christie 2
Fat Chris Christie Vs. Rand Paul audio 2
Guys that are into grannies 2
Hulk Hogan's situation 2
I accidentally pulled up the webcam 2
I am thankful for the way I was raised 2
I don't think Henry Cavill is that bright 2
I have to split the audio again 2
I just find this yucky 2
I opened a beer in the back of a police car at 17 2
I shave 2
I want more info on the guy having sex with the shrubs 2
I'm an open book 2
I'm coughing like an asshole 2
I'm going to become a motivational speaker 2
I'm not into things in my bum 2
I'm pro public sex 2
I'm sick of hearing about the Tom Brady thing 2
I'm way too hairy a fuck 2
Insulting my looks 2
It was difficult watching hockey growing up 2
JJ Abrams 2
McGinty podcast 2
Mike Napoli traded 2
Pete Rose and underage girls 2
Rand Paul Vs Fat Chris Christie 2
Roller derby girl chases down purse snatcher 2
Rowdy Roddy Piper's death 2
Russian character is a conspiracy theorist 2
Scooby doo costume 2
Super hairy roller derby girl 2
Superman's boner 2
actors getting erections during sex scenes 2
addiction and parenting 2
anal sex is not my favorite thing 2
another masturbating in public story involving a man and a cucumber 2
asking again how women feel about creepy guys doing creepy things 2
attack of the killer tomatoes documentary 2
baseball trades 2
baseball was always my sport 2
best of show I attempted to do before vacation 2
blood made me pass out as a kid 2
body hair and shaving in general 2
brilliant loud noise while people are sleeping in my house bit 2
caveman 2
childhood icons dead on disgraced 2
conceal and carry story 2
delivery sucked the content was okay 2
do women prefer a shaved man or a hairy man 2
empowering to women? 2
football player killed by police who were investigating robbery 2
gofundme to fix my gap teeth 2
googling the masturbating guy 2
help me 2
hirsute fetish 2
how do I get from baseball to anal? 2
hunting in general 2
if the guy that tried to invade my home was killed by police 2
imagining how that scene went down 2
judgment free zone 2
killer clowns from outer space 2
legality of killing people that are on your property 2
letting bodily functions flow freely is not empowering to anyone 2
man arrested for masturbating in his driveway 3 times in a week 2
man kills lover in front of children 2
manscaping 2
masturbating 2
mother and daughter do heroin with baby in the car 2
my first 17 shows SUCKED 2
my opinion on the Brady thing 2
my teenage years 2
my theory on the attempted home invasion 2
nice boobs on ghost on mars 2
no video for last weeks show 2
now I'm flipping myself off 2
parents leave kids in the car while they gamble 2
people that bash wrestling for being fake have a really stupid argument 2
period blood race 2
period sex 2
plant sex 2
political correctness 2
politician gay sex lie story 2
positive living 2
reading the masturbating story 2
republican debates 2
scary people to discuss 2
scum daycare worker in Texas 2
scuzzy 2
sexual deviant stories are fun 2
singing along with the outro music 2
stories I could POTENTIALLY talk about 2
story about the cartels and femicide 2
tattoo's and body hair on women 2
terrible analogy about getting along with people that disagree with me 2
the family comes home 2
the film hostile could be real 2
the media needs to be held accountable 2
this show is the weirdest show 2
trophy hunting 2
urine you're on 2
vacation 2
what the hell am I talking about 2
why do I keep using a stereotypical gay voice 2
woman on mars 2
wouldn't Superman always have an erection 2
wrestlers that act 2
you don't have to agree with me 2